How to Navigate Online Support

1. Log onto and enter your username and password
2. Once on the Homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Online Support


3. You will be directed to the Online Support page, where you will notice two options; Support and Call


4. If you select Support, you will be required to complete a form

5. On this form you will need to select the category of your request and the type of inquiry you need assistance with (i.e. is your query a complaint, request or a question) from the drop-down menu options

6. Click Submit after you have completed your form and it will be sent it to the relevant department
7. After you have submitted your inquiry, you will receive a pop-up message confirming that the inquiry has been completed along with your inquiry reference number

8. You can track your enquiry either by clicking on the link in the email you receive with your enquiry details; your enquiry reference number or by logging into and clicking onto the online support link at the bottom of the homepage, once you land on the Online Support Page, click on My Tickets

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