My Office: Documents and Policies

1. To access your required documents and policies, log onto and enter your username and password
2. Once on the Homepage, click on My Office

3. Once you have landed on the My Office page, click on Documents and Policies

4. Once you land on the Documents and Policies page, you will notice that there is a drop-down menu on the left that lists different categories. Click on the category that is relevant to the documents you seek

5. The following documents can be accessed and downloaded on this page:
Customer Form
Ten Retail Customers and 70% Rules
Add your Spouse
Life Partner to the System
Change of Address Form
Refund Form
Nutrition Club Form
Direct Deposit (EFT) Bank Form
EFT Rules and Conditions
IBP Contents (box which contains the IBP for March 2012)
Halal and Kosher Certificates
IBP Pricelist
International Funds Transfer (IFT)
Minor Deeds Forms
Supervisor Qualification Form
TAB Team Production Bonus Form
UPline Consent Form
Price List (which contains country relevant pricelists)

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